Google Broad Match Modifier

I feel a little behind when it comes to the Google Broad Match Modifier Google Adwords match type that has recently rolled out for paid search (but not so recent that I had caught that it was out, or I have literally seen absolutely no buzz about the product). My Google team explained this newer […]

Getting Started with Google Adwords Keyword Tool

When doing keyword research it is important to use a good tool to help you know the volume of traffic on particular queries, the order the keywords are most popular in and a good keyword tool will help give you suggestions or ideas on similar keywords. We will do a quick look at the Google […]

Understanding Google Paid Search Match Types with Chocolate

Google Adwords offers the choice of three different keyword match types, the match types are phrase, broad and exact match. If you are new to advertising on Google Adwords the match types can be pretty confusing and how you use them really impacts how you maximize your budget. Using the various match types in your […]

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