Understanding Keywords in Paid and Organic Search

Keywords are the key component to success in organic and paid search. Keywords may seem simple enough to those of us that live and breath search queries everyday, but the reality is that it really does take a moment to step back and do some keyword research. Sometimes how we assume someone searches isn’t necessarily […]

Why You Should Piss Off a Few Good SEO's

Ok, not really… maybe. I have seen people joke about starting an uproar in the SEO community as  method for getting good ranking by baiting SEO’s into reacting to you and writing posts about how terrible you are for saying what you said. Not that making people angry is necessarily a good business practice, but […]

Pubcon Session About May Day SEO for Google Caffeine

The Google Caffeine session at Pubcon Vegas 2010 did a great session Google Caffeine. Looking at what it is, what it means to your business and what you can do about it. What is Google Caffeine? Google caffeine was major update to Google’s indexing system that officially launched in June 2010. Google increased the speed […]

Getting Started with Google Adwords Keyword Tool

When doing keyword research it is important to use a good tool to help you know the volume of traffic on particular queries, the order the keywords are most popular in and a good keyword tool will help give you suggestions or ideas on similar keywords. We will do a quick look at the Google […]

Where is the ROI in Social Media?

An interesting post on Clickz caught my eye called The ROI of Social Media is Still Zero. One reason that I liked this article is that it is grounded in the day to day reality of people out there in the field managing social media for a business. A lot of people seem to think […]

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