Who am I? I am a learner, an artist, a mathematician, I am who I am, it truly depends on the day. I believe you never should stop learning, and working in online marketing and advertising has really forced me to never let myself slow down.

I started working in online marketing shortly after earning my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the University of Utah in 2004. My first job out of college was at a great boutique marketing firm that offered online marketing for hotels and resorts. In 2004 we still had to explain to clients why they need a website and who Google was.

I later obtained a job at Western Governors University, where I earned my MBA in Information Technology Management. I grew into the role of Director of Online Marketing, where I currently manage a team of online marketing professionals.  While working at WGU I have had the opportunity to speak at a Google user conference and participate on a panel at a Google Spring Training event.

This blog is dedicated to giving information to those learning about online marketing and to record my meanderings as I watch online advertising continue to grow.

*Please be aware that the thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog are not representative of the university in any way..

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