Everyone wants to see photos of my dog right?

I hate the rants and raves about every new social media channel being the FACEBOOK killer, whether it was Google Wave or some other network or another (I think many people even called Twitter the “Facebook killer.”) I don’t necessarily think that Facebook will always have the pull that it does (look at Myspace). It seems that when a network seems to get too cluttered it starts to lose its appeal to users (I know my mother and my grandmother haven’t exactly figured out how to manage their privacy settings on Facebook because it is a bit confusing. They also do not know how to hide items in their feed, thus it is a bunch of noise to them these days vs. pictures of their grand baby and information about a family get together that they would normally be looking for. I have heard them get frustrated when they miss a message they were looking for because it was drowned in a sea of irrelevant messages).

The immediate big win is that you organize contacts by social “circles” the moment you add a contact. This is done in a user friendly and obvious way. How this is applicable is immediately apparent when you add content for your social network or update your feed. Google knows that not everyone in your web of contacts is a friend that is very interested in photos of your dog sleeping (ok… maybe I share photos of my dog sleeping, but I don’t have any babies, so this is the closest thing I have to compete with all of the baby photos. 🙂 ).

Working in online marketing requires that I explore any new social media channel. I look at whether or not it is relevant to the company that I represent and whether or not the time it will take to nurture the network will show the value to the business and its customers. Although it isn’t open for business integration just yet, rumor has it that it will be in the next couple of weeks, at least that is what @scottcowley says and he is one smart cookie).

  • You can segment your customers for social media messaging (I like how this Search Engine Land article describes it).  You should be doing this with email, this may become the best way to segment your customers and your social messaging for that segment. I am always touting that you should not overwhelm your businesses social media audience with just self-serving “buy this” types of messages. You create too much clutter and eventually get ignored. You need to interact with your customers with messaging that they want to see, segmenting on Google+ allows for an even more granular approach to your social media messaging.
  • Google+ will hopefully allow an even more in-depth way of segmenting people you advertise to. Facebook already allows you to really drill down into niche audiences that I have not been able to duplicate elsewhere (I wish LinkedIn would figure out how to get their advertising program up to par). For many businesses this type of niche marketing is incredibly beneficial and cost-effective.

It will be interesting to watch the growth and evolution of the product. It seems to be catching on at a bit more rapid of a pace than any other social media channel I have seen thus far, but my mom and grandma aren’t on it yet, nor is my company, so it definitely has some growing to do before I will deem it mainstream.

What benefits do you see for your business or company?. saut à ce site

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