Presentation by Krista Neher CEO of Bootcamp Digital at Pubcon 2010.

Like it or not you, have a brand. How is what you are doing different from other people? It is not what you  think your company is about, it is about how you are seen in the eyes of the consumer. Successful branding is that when you walk away your consumer can say I know company X and they do Y.  A singular message that people can recall is important. Keep it clear and concise.

Myth: Brand Building Doesn’t Matter Online

The online space is more cluttered than the offline space. 109 million domains registered and 2.5 million trademarks registered.

Search is the initial online engagement for your brand, typically before your website. You have control of some of the content on the web, but some you don’t.

Social results are showing up in searches and may or may not be accurate, and Twitter is included now also.

Consumers Control Your Brand, Not You. Sorry.

Three steps to online brand reputation management

Step 1: Manage and determine what you want to communicate

Step 2: Monitor your brand.

Tools to monitor your brand

Start with search

  • For your brand
  • Terms associates with your brand
  • You competitors
  • Hot news topics
  • How do you rank
  • Where does your name show up

What terms do you want to rank for and which ones do you not want to work for? Giving the example of what you don’t want to show up for, Fisher Price showing up for “toy recall.”

Tools for monitoring:

  • Keotag
  • Trackur
  • Radian 6

Step 3: Respond: to mentions or positive comments

  • Say thanks
  • To negative comments – don’t oppress or try to censor people – convey a clear, gentle and friendly image.
  • Respond directly about the issues so that whomever complained so that they know they have been heard. Address the root issue.

Six tips for dealing with negativity about your brand online:

  1. Humanize your brand – it is easier to hate a company than a person
  2. Listen and try to understand and respond directly to the issues
  3. Thank them for caring
  4. Be transparent and explain
  5. Build a community of passionate brand defenders, they will defend your brand for you
  6. Know when to walk away


  • Krista Neher

    Thanks for the blog post on my session! I really enjoyed giving it and I loved the entire conference!

    • Mandi

      Thank you! I really felt like your session really covered a lot of the questions I answer all of the time and I really appreciate hearing similar answers from someone in the space. 🙂

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