I feel a little behind when it comes to the Google Broad Match Modifier Google Adwords match type that has recently rolled out for paid search (but not so recent that I had caught that it was out, or I have literally seen absolutely no buzz about the product). My Google team explained this newer option to me recently, I think it is a win because it resolves some concerns I have had lately about keeping up with negative keywords and that Google broad match continues to seem to get broader (but don’t get me started on MSN broad match…). In researching on what is going on I discovered the announcement on the Google Adwords blog (which I am now signed up to regularly receive updates!).

Google’s explanation of the newer broad match modifier is:

The broad match modifier is a new AdWords targeting feature that lets you create keywords which have greater reach than phrase match and more control than broad match. Adding modified broad match keywords to your campaign can help you get more clicks and conversions at an attractive ROI, especially if you mainly use exact and phrase match keywords today.

To implement the modifier, just put a plus symbol (+) directly in front of one or more words in a broad match keyword. Each word preceded by a + has to appear in your potential customer’s search exactly or as a close variant. Close variants include misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, and stemmings (like “floor” and “flooring”). Synonyms (like “quick” and “fast”) and related searches (like “flowers” and “tulips”) aren’t considered close variants.

Broad Match Modifier
Bringing back my recent post about Google paid search match types, with a metaphor of milk chocolate, the new broad match modifier would look like: +milk +chocolate (Be sure there are no spaces between the + and modified words, but do leave spaces between words. Correct usage: +milk +chocolate. Incorrect usage: +milk+chocolate.)

You would show up for keywords like:

  • Milky chocolate
  • Milk chocolates
  • Box of milk chocolates
  • Milk chocolate tshirt
  • Milk chcolate (misspellings)

I really don’t see much buzz or discussion about this newer PPC product out there? I think it is awesome and I am already rolling out multiple ROI tests. Does anyone out there use this? Thoughts?


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