Everyone is on Facebook, most likely your mom and your grandmother are too (mine are). People seem to forget basic interpersonal skills in their management of their Facebook feed, and rather than hurting their feelings by deleting them, here are the top five people you like to hide:

1. The Politician –  Facebook isn’t your political soap box. Your mom taught you that religion and politics need to stay out of the boardroom, why are you insisting on 10 posts a day with your personal political agenda. Whether it is right wing, left wing or they are pretty sure that the government is out to get us save that soapbox for the people that you know are interested in discussing your political values.Political discussions have a time and a place, but take a break from the constant barrage of political discourse.

2. The Pessimist – Everyday the world is out to get them and you get a play by play of every bad thing that has happened to them and that is probably going to happen to them. Everyone has a bad day, but you are going to influence how people view you personally if everything in the world is sour apples.

3. The Drunk – Hey, life can be a party, but does it have to be every day? They aren’t afraid to post constant photos of them intoxicated at one party and then the next. It may be your cousin or coworker, but this person tarnishes their image by filling their feed with nothing but photos of them with a drink in their hand.

4. The Gamer – Farmville, YoVille, Mafia Wars, you name it this person seems to have time to play them all and they aren’t afraid to fill up your feed with those annoying game announcements. These days the games let you control what you show in your feed, share what everyone wants to see, stuff about you. Skip the game info, keep the fun family photos.

5. The Band – Everyone got used to band announcements on MySpace, but Facebook is a little less music centric. An invitation to your show here and there is fine, but if the only thing that you do on your personal profile is talk about your band, you may earn yourself a hide..

  • Sunnyhunt

    You forgot:
    – the cross poster. If we’re connected on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and post the same update in three places you will be hidden. I get it.
    – the singular self-promoter. Add more value to the conversation than just only promoting links to your business, activity, soccer game, etc.
    – the ex who you are still “friends” with. No one needs to see who you’re dating now.
    – the Yelp/Places addict. It’s great that you’re at a specific restaurant EVERY DAY, you might try interacting with the people you’re friends with instead of telling everyone where you are and how many times you’ve been there.

    • http://www.onlineadvertisinggeek.com Amanda Hudson

      All great additions to the list! Cross poster being number one for me out of that group. 😉

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