I had the unique opportunity to attend Scott Stratten’s UnMarketing UnBook tour stop in Salt Lake City. Not only is Scott an amazing speaker but he is also a downright nice guy. The following are my key takeaways from UnMarketing’s UnBook tour stop in Salt Lake City, UT:

It is All About Relationships
Social Media implies that it is a “media” which can be purchased. Social media is terrible for marketing as it is not a push strategy, it is a pull strategy. It is about listening and getting to know your customer. 1% of your happiest customers let you know they are happy, 1% of  your angriest customers tell you that they are angry, the other 98% don’t let you know, but they tell other people. Social media channels are your chance to plug-in and listen to what your customers have to say.

Social media is about building relationships that lead to great marketing. Actively taking a role in a social media channel is about responding and actively engaging. It isn’t about just pushing out content and expecting others to share it, it is about getting to know people and developing relationships. As you grow your relationships your network will grow naturally. The relationships you build are ultimately the ROI in social media (talking about ROI in terms of dollars in social media is bad, so save the kittens and the unicorns by not placing numbers on the value of social media, because Scott said every time you talk ROI in social media a kitten and a unicorn die).

Be Present
Don’t use autoreplies, auto DMs or autofollows. If you have limited time, choose one channel and do it well, rather than spreading yourself too thin over multiple channels. Even though there are tools that allow you to do it, don’t send your tweets out on Facebook and don’t send your Facebook notifications to Linked In. Be present and tailor your message to the specific channel that you are participating in.

People Spread Awesome, not Meh
Don’t write blog posts for the sake of content, write posts that are awesome. Only write a post when you have something worthwhile  to say (oh dear, I hope I opted for a worthwhile one today, but to me this one is worthwhile). Just saying that you have a “viral video” or otherwise does not automatically make it viral. Something that isn’t worth sharing won’t be shared.

For those interested in buying Scott’s book that didn’t make it to the event, it is available on Amazon.com.

Anything I missed?.

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