Google and Bing pulled in tweets on hot topics into their results in the last year. The most recent announcement is that Bing and Facebook have combined forces to offer social results in  Bing searches.

This is a permission based event. You have the option to opt in or refuse the combination of results. You should get the notification if you are actively logged into Facebook and visit Bing. The main areas that this impacts the results are:

  • People Search – You will now be able to access people’s profiles by searching on their name in Bing.
  • What your friend’s like – If you have friends that liked a company related to the topic that you are searching in Bing a box will come up called “Liked by your Facebook friends: -search term-”

These two elements do add a level of personalization to your search and I am sure this is only the beginning for where this partnership will go. From my understanding this does not impact the algorithm that Bing uses to determine the ranked results for now, but that it adds the additional section of functionality within the results. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a factor in an evolution of the web and search that would truly be personalized.

What this says to me is to get more people to like your business and share links about you with your keywords in them. So that you have a greater chance of showing up in the personalized results. With Bing running Yahoo’s search, the piece of the search pie that this impacts is almost enough to spend some time focusing on the potential it may have.


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